Top 7 hacks to keep your kitchen clean

Cleaning kitchens for most of us means cleaning the gas oven, the dishes and the countertops. And rightly so because most of us do not get enough time to clean all the individual appliances every day. Trying to do that is a tough work in itself. But if you know the perfect tricks and tips, then you can keep your kitchen clean throughout the week in some simple ways.

Cleaning the whole kitchen of yours once in a while is indeed a vital job to do. The doors floors cabinets and all the appliances in your kitchen if not cleaned after a particular timespan gets greazy overtime. But don’t be afraid it is not going to take your whole day to clean all the appliances of your kitchen. Some of the devices don’t take much time to get cleaned.

Here are my top 7 favourite hacks that will help you to clean your kitchen better than before.

  •    For the oily and dusty kitchen grime: – we all have experienced the sticky cooking oil layer that accumulated dust on the high surface of the kitchen. Use a microfiber cloth dipped in hot water to clean that sticky and disgusting layer from your kitchen. The idea is the boiling water will soften the caked-on oil. The hotter the water, the better the chances of cleaning.
  •    Getting gunk out of kitchen crevises: – for all those baking powder, cocoa powder, dried egg or flour that get stuck into a stand mixer while you were making the birthday cake, are needed to be cleaned too. Some people use a toothpick or a skewer with a pointed end to clean those stuck cocoa powder dried egg or flour from the stand mixer. Let all the baking projects past from the mixer and then why pit up with a slightly damped cloth. Do not forget to unscrew the little knob where you affix the attachments to the blender. A lot of gunks keep hiding there sometimes.
  •    Banishing the absurd smell of the kitchen: – well me myself was searching a way out on how to dismiss the ridiculous smell of the kitchen after cooking. Because the bacon air or flank steak smoke disgust us as well as it disgusts you people out there. So, simmer white vinegar on the stove top to dispute the unwanted kitchen smell. Well, I tried it after cooking a big vat of soup with sausage in it. And it seems that the idea of simmer white vinegar on the stove top worked perfectly to clear up the air.
  •    Getting rid of the fruit flies: – cut two or three herbs of Cyprus and close them undeviatingly on the rack of your oven. Keep the door of your oven open for a few hours. Keep it open overnight if you don’t get enough time in the day. And then shut the door of your oven and turn the broiler on. After sometimes leave it to get cooled. After that open the oven again. Throw the pieces of citrus away. And then wipe out the base of your oven. It is a tried and tested way to get rid of the fruit flies in your kitchen and make your kitchen smell good.
  •    Making your sink white again: – Tired of the rusty colour of your sink? Yeah, we know that. Almost all of us love the royal white colour of our kitchen sink. But being used overtime without cleaning give it a rusty look that we never wanted. Well, we have an old but effective way of cleaning your kitchen sink and bring its white colour back. How? Hang tight with us. Well, use lemon and baking soda combo. Whenever you have a lemon half, sprinkle some baking soda in the kitchen and then use the lemon half as your scrubber. And you’ll get the white colour right back on your sink.
  •    Cleaning the Grout: – The basic idea of cleaning the Grout lies in each of the elementary school science fair volcano. If your tiles are flat, sprinkle some baking soda along the grout and then spray some vinegar on it. Leave it for a few minutes. Or if your grouts are vertical then make a paste with water and baking soda, apply it along the grout lines and then spray some vinegar on it. Leave it for a few minutes to. After that, you can wash that off with a toothbrush. Although it doesn’t make the deep stains banish it will help you to clean your grouts quite well. You can buy baking soda using this link as they’ve got amazing deals and Promo code for your household things.
  •    Cleaning your fridge: – Cleaning your refrigerator seems like a tough task to do. So, most of us leave it for later. And the later never comes. Well with the tips we are going to show you, cleaning your fridge will be a lot easier task to do than you think.

Make the fridge empty and then clean up all the tubs, baskets and racks of the fridge individually. The easiest process to do that is to take the shelves and the baskets out of the refrigerator and then soak them up in a bathtub or a bucket of hot water.

So, these are top 7 hacks for the cleaned kitchen, you’ll be proud of. Follow these simple steps to make your kitchen clean than ever. Happy kitchen cleaning.