Looking for Different Style of Curtains for Your Home? A Few Tips

Curtains are meant for providing privacy to a room and also filter light. At the same time, they also add to the sophistication and style of the room. When you want to choose different styles of the curtain then you consider its length, patterns and few other features in order to transform the look of the room.

Let us discuss in this article few common styles of paneeliverhot (Meaning in English is panel curtains.

  1. Panel pair curtains

This type of curtain is also commonly known as double panel curtain because of 2 number of curtain panels that hang on both sides of the window. In most of the locations you will find this style.

For double panel curtains fabrics used are generally lighter in weight. They are also available in number of different colours, opaqueness and patterns. This kind of panel pair curtains can filter light and frame around a set of doors.

  1. Curtain panel with valance

By adding valance which is a cover curtain hardware, you can add the decoration on top of the window. Valances are generally paired in such a manner that style of the curtain pairs can be properly matched. You can also buy them without any curtains too.

As an alternate to valance you can also use window scarf. Such kind of window scarf can be draped over the doors or windows from one side to the other side. This arrangement can offer softer look than valances.

  1. Stacked curtains

With stacked curtain you can get the option to include both light and heavy curtains. With this pair of decorative curtain panel, you can control the amount of light inside the room as per your option. This kind of stacked curtains can also add to the depth of your windows. These types of curtains are suitable for different kind of seasons as you can control light during hot season as well as during winters.

  1. Single panel

For the entire window you can use single panel, which can offer very romantic look. You can just sweep the curtain to any one side of your window or you can casually leave it hanging. Here you can buy exact number of panels that is needed by you.

  1. Café curtains

It is normally hanged at the middle of the window and provide good mix of light as well as privacy. Normally in kitchen and breakfast table such style is used.  

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