Lock Bumping And 4 Ways To Prevent It

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Lock bumping, also known as the “999 Method”, is a current criminal craze. And while it has become the latest trend in breaking homes, it isn’t necessarily a new concept.

During the ’70s, locksmiths practiced a technique which calls for tapping on a lock cylinder to disassemble a lock. It is done by applying some pressure to the back of the lock plug or by pushing hard the key into the hole. As a result, the pins would jump inside the cylinder, sliding the plug freely out, and therefore making way for further lock disassembly.

Locksmiths during this time would use this technique to quickly and easily solve cylinder lock issues of customers. It was also a popular method for locksmiths to correct a misassembled cylinder. That was until more than a decade ago when criminals started using the technique to gain entry into a home or a place of business.

Unfortunately, anyone today can have access to lock bumping and bump keys, especially over the Internet. Apart from it being a simple technique, it also shows no visible signs of forced entry unless a professional locksmith conducts a further examination.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to prevent this horrible act from happening to your home or your business. From your friends at Locksmith Sydney, here are four effective ways to avert lock bumping.

  1. Practice Clear Visibility

While designing a beautiful garden and landscaping around your home is a good idea to enhance its appearance, certain styles may invite criminals to consider entering your home. A home becomes an easy target especially with a lot of tall and thick shrubs as well as large trees as it provides a quick hideout for the criminal.

Instead, consider keeping your yard and surroundings clean and as clear as possible. Clear, open spaces with good lighting help deter an intruder since it will be easier for other people to see them and get caught in the act.

  1. Promote And Take Part In A Neighborhood Watch

Even if you consider yourself an introvert, it is important to take part in security practices that your neighborhood has. After all, you are living in that neighborhood,and any crime can happen to any house. As a homeowner, be more alert and aware of your surroundings. Your neighborhood may look nice and safe,but you’ll never know when a home becomes a victim.

If there are no security practices around your area, consider promoting a neighborhood watch organization. Everyone’s involvement only enhances the security of the neighborhood as a whole plus it’s a chance for you to get to know your neighbors better.

  1. Install Security Cameras

Installing security cameras are almost a no-brainer nowadays, considering the high crime rates in most towns and cities all over the world. It is especially useful for lock bumping cases since it gives you the proof in case it does happen to you. Since lock bumping doesn’t show signs of forced entry, your insurance company might not necessarily believe your claim unless you have a recording.

  1. Consider Installing Security Pins

If you want a less expensive alternative in preventing lock bumps, consider requesting your locksmith to install special security pins on your existing locks. These pins make the lock harder to bump, therefore discouraging an intruder with the intention of lock bumping.

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image courtesy: locksmithsydney.com.au

Final Word

Lock bumping may not be the only security concern you have, but preparing for it enhances your safety even more. Make sure that you contact a professional locksmith and have a proper consultation regarding which methods you’d like to take.