Exotic Bathroom Styles Making Waves

The bathroom, for most people, is one very underrated place in a home. Many act so nonchalantly about bathrooms because they have this preconceived perception that bathrooms are just a place for washing up, so there is no point thinking critically on how to revamp it to modern style. Recent bathroom styles making waves have easily discredited that notion that bathrooms are just a place for washing-up, instead it has communicated, unconsciously, that it is a comfort zone deserving of every bit of aesthetic brilliance and a place that inspires creativity. Hence, we – Whitton Plumbing Mesa – have compiled a list of bathroom styles making waves recently.

  • Monochrome Style

Black and white are timeless, ever accommodating of other colors (though there are a few exceptions); this has made them the go-to colors for most people that want to keep it cool and still look stylish. It is a no brainer that most bathrooms today come in all white form; it is pristine, classy, and accommodating of other bathroom accessories in other colors. So yes, this style never goes out of style.

  • One-component design

Though some might see this as retro, it still works. Since the bathroom is not a place to splurge on so much colors and components, it still holds value. This style bases its strength on using one component for the entire bathroom décor. For example: tiles, plaster, and concrete. If executed right, it can turn out to be a masterpiece.

  • Floating vanities

Sometimes, too much of everything in one space can make a room look small. This bathroom style uses that as its focal point by hanging furniture, basins etc. on the wall, thereby giving the bathroom an illusion of space. So you understand where the “floating” concept comes from, right?

  • Frameless showers

Like the floating vanities, it focuses on making the bathroom look spacious. Traditional showers normally have a long metal framework that attaches itself to the pipes. But with the frameless shower, it has been remodeled to remove that long metal framework, leaving the shower just hanging atop like a bulb.

  • Freestanding tubs

While they might take up more room and seem to have less functionality than a shower or shower/tub, few things say as much about you as a traditional free standing or claw foot tub.

  • Natural light

Do you want your bathroom to have that spa aura? Do you want your bathroom to look lush? If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you just might need to try this option. There is something about good lighting that can make your room an oasis. Some light options are highly favored for this task: skylights being at the forefront.

  • Brass or Copper

Commonly, silver and gold have been the most utilized in bathroom designs, but recently copper is making its waves. This can be used to appeal to a nautical, classy, or even futuristic aesthetic.

  • Textured tile

This is like a breath of fresh air from what we have already been used to. Textured tiles can transform a space while appealing to more sensory aesthetics than just sight.

  • Hi-tech appliances.

This post would have been incomplete without at least a mention of this style. Bathroom essentials have been made to be a lot smarter and taking the initiative to satisfy the user. From self cleaning and warming toilets to self refrigerating bathroom cabinets…you just name them.

  • Organic undertones

This style incorporates elements that make the bathroom have a touch of nature. It could be the polished wood used for furnishing, the vintage floor and tiles, or the carefully tended houseplants in the corners.

Eye-opening? Sure it is. If you’ve been looking for bathroom style inspirations, there you have it. Take your pick!